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Submission Rules
  • Rules apply as of 12/01/2017
  • Max 3 site submission per day / webmaster.
  • Reciprocal linking is reqiured. Link to http://www.maledirectory.com/ . Please place our reciprocal link on your site before submitting. You must enter the location of our reciprocal link on your site in submission form. Our link must be accessible from outside any protected areas of your site.
  • We absolutely won't accept any sites that imply, use or promote underage models. We also won't list sites with bestiality, scat, rape or implied rape, prostitution , stolen content or password hacking. The person submitting the site is responsible for ensuring the site content is legal and appropriate.
  • We only list free sites in our adult categories.
  • Minimum adult site content of 25 pictures or 10 video clips. We may reject sites that use affiliate content that we feel is already over used in our directory listings.
  • Your site description must be relevant and written in english.
  • Redirecting traffic in anyway will result in being band from any further submissions.
  • Submit your site only once. Duplicate submissions won't be listed. We reserve the right to change or remove listings without notice.
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