HELIX STUDIOS brings us Ezra Michael, a rare find that looks as if he should be suited to a glossy fashion magazine.

He’s look’s can send your fantasies wild at the thought of him fucking the shit out of you then sucking and licking that big, thick and rock hard cock.

The shower beckons he’s chiseled bone structure and tight, tanned body while the water trickles down and over he’s back and down to he’s perfect six pack.

Once clean its time to get dirty again, the room is covered in mirrors so we can see every angle of Michael’s massive meat. This super model of male masturbation plays with his smooth balls as he strokes his long, slippery schlong.

It looks so tasty that Michaels makes a meal out of it, licking every last drop off his salty fingers. He is definitely gonna need another shower after this, we know we did.

Don’t take our word for it go and watch the free video HERE.

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