New Recruit Ken

Today, ActiveDuty brings us this super sexy newcomer in their War Chest section: hot young runner Ken. And for a moment, I thought the brought us their first mixed-race model.

But then again, I am not so sure. They did have a few Latinos, but never really anybody remotely black. However, they do say Ken is naturally tanned.

Whatever. There is no question that Ken is a super hot young stud. Thick arms, big chest, fat cock. What more can you ask for? Oh and his ass is also delicious.


Can’t wait to see Ken in action. But for now, we get to watch him lean back on the couch and watch some porn while wanking his thick cock.

Did I forget to mention his huge balls? Well, Ken has big low hangers and there is a part of the video, where he jacks his big dick standing up and the camera gives us a great view of his swinging testicles. Some guys just have it all!

New Recruit Ken from ActiveDuty:







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