Jack Andy and Deviant Otter

Jack’s always been a friend of a friend, so I figured it was time that we finally got together because I’ve always been a big fan of his furry muscle bod, and that beautiful big dick of his. Usually me and the dudes I’m filming with chill for a bit, but Jack’s a pro and […]


Helix Studios welcomes newbie Garrett Graves and intoduces him to resident boy Josh Brady a hot fucker with a hint of interest into kinks and fetishes. This works even better when he finds Garrett get’S off even more by being choked and finger blasted! Keeping these thoughts in he’s dirty mind Josh invites the bottom […]


HELIX STUDIOS brings us Ezra Michael, a rare find that looks as if he should be suited to a glossy fashion magazine. He’s look’s can send your fantasies wild at the thought of him fucking the shit out of you then sucking and licking that big, thick and rock hard cock. The shower beckons he’s […]

Jock Jones Barebacks Kirby Kennedy

Kirby Kennedy hasn’t had a good load in days. His asshole is burning and twitching and his energy is depleted. Jock Jones arrives to find Kirby buck naked and ass up, waiting for relief. Jock plays with Kirby’s ass and as Kirby begins to regain his strength he turns around and sucks Jock’s hard cock […]

Cock Talk With Corbin Colby

Chandler Mason and Corbin Colby Corbin Colby Has a confident swagger that even when clothed lets you KNOW he’s got DICK! It’s a special kind of confidence any good bottom can spot a mile away and Chandler Mason is no exception. He has the lucky job of grilling the stud. He asks all the right […]

PEEPERS Pt1 – Drill My Hole

Part 1 of the PEEPERs series from MEN.com FEATURING: Ricky Larkin , Paul Canon and Mike Maverick MEN.com offer us Ricky Larkin who can’t help but jerk himself off once he spies Mike Maverick sucking Paul Canon’s dick. Paul’s pleasure is contagious, and Ricky wants nothing more than to get in on the action. Once […]