2Men Kiss

“How was the water?” asks a lounging Dallas Steele as beefy Liam Knox exits the pool. “Cold! Could you warm me up a little?” Their lips meet, their beards sliding against each other. Liam engulfs Dallas’s cock, the sucker’s boner peeking out of his trunks. The breathless Liam comes up for air and a kiss, […]

PEEPERS Pt1 – Drill My Hole

Part 1 of the PEEPERs series from MEN.com FEATURING: Ricky Larkin , Paul Canon and Mike Maverick MEN.com offer us Ricky Larkin who can’t help but jerk himself off once he spies Mike Maverick sucking Paul Canon’s dick. Paul’s pleasure is contagious, and Ricky wants nothing more than to get in on the action. Once […]